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Our team of trainers are passionate about and dedicated to our purpose.

Our facilitators are located in major cities across Canada and several US regions, and we work with both small and large clients worldwide. Learn more about our trainers, and consultants below.

Alana Abramson

Alana is an experienced leader and has extensive mediation and group facilitation experience in justice, community and school settings. She…

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Mireille Allain

With more than 25 years of experience in a policing environment, Mireille has an extensive understanding of alternate dispute resolution,…

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Angie Allan

Angie is a Registered Psychologist, Consultant, Coach, and Trainer who has enjoyed a career in the operations of various professional…

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Jessica Antony

Jessica is a communications specialist with over a decade of experience helping others share their stories, with a focus on…

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Paul Bailey

Paul has close to 30 years of leadership experience and is passionate about developing leaders and teams. He has a…

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Catherine Bargen

Catherine has worked in the fields of conflict resolution and restorative justice since 1999, and holds a Master of Arts…

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Michelle Bentley

Michelle is a Registered Marriage and Family Therapist with a Master’s degree in Counselling and Spirituality, and a Bachelor’s degree…

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Tammy Berry

Tammy holds a Bachelors degree in Education and is a certified Adult Educator. She is an enthusiastic and personable presenter…

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David Carey

David holds a Master of Arts in Leadership from Royal Roads University, a Certificate in Business Management, and an Associated…

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Paul Carrick

Paul has been providing conflict resolution and counselling services for over 25 years. He is a Registered Social Worker who…

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