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Friends & Partners

We value and support the work of many organizations throughout Canada in various ways.

The friends and partners we have listed here include:

  • Organizations we donate money to
  • Agencies we support through free and reduced-fee training
  • Organizations we partner with to provide training
  • Associations where our leaders serve as board members

CPHR Manitoba
CPHR Manitoba is the exclusive certifying body in Manitoba for the Chartered Professional in Human Resources (CPHR) designation.

ACHIEVE partners with CPHR Manitoba by providing speakers for many of their conferences, sponsoring a yearly HR Excellence Award, offering reduced rates for selected public workshops, and many of our courses are pre-approved for CPHR professionals, so they can meet their continuing professional development hours.

Black North Initiative (BNI)

BMI provides resources such as capital solutions, education, and business services to Black entrepreneurs.

ACHIEVE partners with BNI to provide access to our free resources, as well as discounts on all our public workshops, on-demand workshops, and webinars.

Aboriginal Financial Officers Association (AFOA) of Manitoba
AFOA is a not-for-profit association founded to help Indigenous people manage and govern their communities by strengthening management, finance, and governance practices.

ACHIEVE financially supports the work of AFOA as well as provides training and services to their members.

SEED Winnipeg
SEED is a non-profit agency that works to reduce poverty in Winnipeg.
We donated all income after expenses from the September 2020 Women in Leadership Conference to support the Indigenous Women Exploring Business, and the Immigrant and Newcomer Women Exploring Business programs. Our presenters donated their time, and we donated our staff time and resources. The total donation was $40,406.

“We are grateful to ACHIEVE for supporting Indigenous and immigrant women entrepreneurs. The generous donation of the proceeds from the conference will make a tangible difference in their lives. The pandemic has had a disproportionate impact on the economic well-being of women and racialized community members and this support is needed now more than ever. I was inspired and impressed by the Women in Leadership Conference. Thank you for bringing an amazing group of women together for such an affirming and positive event.”Louise Simbandumwe, Co-Director, SEED Winnipeg Inc.

Northern Institute of Social Justice, Yukon University
We partner with this organization to provide public workshops in Whitehorse, Yukon.

Chista Counseling & Academy Ltd.
We partnered with Chista Counseling & Academy Ltd. to translate our workshop material into Farsi so they can provide CTRI content workshops in Tehran, Iran.

Partner with CTRI

ACHIEVE is looking to develop partnerships outside of Canada with organizations who wish to license and distribute our training and resources. If you connect with our mission and vision, please contact Eric Stutzman, CEO to explore the possibilities.

Giving Back

We are a national training provider based in Winnipeg. We value our local community and are intentional about giving back. We give financially to a variety of local causes and offer a free live webinar once a year, which is open to anyone in the community.

Nationally and Internationally
Each month, we offer a free one-hour webinar. In addition, the Free Resources section of our website is full of valuable resources available to anyone in the world.

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