We believe in a strengths-based approach. We choose to start with empathy and curiosity over judgement. Our goal is to help you create environments and connections where everyone can thrive.

We believe that everyone should be able to like where they work. Our consulting services can help you create workplaces where people love to be every day. Through coaching, facilitation, mediation, succession and strategic planning, or workplace climate assessments, we can help you discover your strengths and support your organization as it evolves.

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The Consulting Services

We Offer



Through purposeful questioning, active listening, and collaborative problem solving, our coaches help you develop as a leader or employee. Coaching is offered in person, over the phone, or via video conferencing.

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As your group makes important decisions or deals with team tensions, our facilitators ensure that meetings run smoothly, fairly, and effectively. They enable everyone to participate fully and give space for leaders to work alongside others in order to ensure that all voices are heard.

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Mediation – Conflict Resolution

Whether a dispute involves two individuals or a larger group, ACHIEVE’s mediators will work with disputing parties to identify interests, clarify issues, and work towards options for resolving the conflict.

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Strategic Planning

Every organization benefits from deciding where it will focus its efforts in the short and long term. We believe that strategic planning works best when the process is easy to understand and is grounded in an organization’s vision, values, and culture.

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Succession Planning

We believe that succession planning is one of the key things that keeps organizations vibrant and healthy. Planning for future personnel changes is a necessary strategic process for workplaces of all sizes. However, many organizations fail to start this process early enough or don’t give it the intentional focus it requires.

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Workplace Climate Assessment

ACHIEVE’s workplace climate assessment provides a clear and concise picture of your organization’s culture, including its strengths and challenges. Facilitators provide recommendations for building on your team’s strengths and resolving significant issues.

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We Have an Amazing Team

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The CTRI Difference

Here’s what people have to say about our workshops

“The training was amazing. I look forward to using the information learned with my team.”
Heather Oldfield
Supervisor, YMCA, Forest Glen Community Centre
“The facilitator was excellent. He kept the group engaged the whole time.”
Bruce Graham
Technician, Drug Awareness & Prevention, Western Quebec School Board
“This was fantastic. A lot of really good tips and nuggets.”
Renee Banville
Assistant Manager, Marketing, Investors Group
The team at ACHIEVE provided exceptional service for our online training needs. When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, they were able to pivot on a dime and transition all of our previously scheduled training to an online, interactive platform. As a result, none of our training was delayed. The trainers worked with us individually to ensure the content would meet the needs of our audience, given the unusual circumstances the world was facing. They were also very responsive to feedback about how to improve as we all navigated this new online reality together. I would highly recommend them for your training needs.
Sherry MacEachern
Office and HR Manager
This was a very useful workshop and a lot of the principles taught can be used in my personal and work life.
Tanis Flemming
Regional Coordinator, Manitoba Metis Federation Inc.
I enjoy working with ACHIEVE for our on-location training needs because they are so versatile and responsive, in addition to having excellent trainers and training content.
John Stephens
Staff Training Coordinator, Manitoba Housing
The trainer was great at tailoring the training to what we needed, not just what we asked for several months ago when booking. He was able to address some recent changes in our organization that we were dealing with. He was flexible with the subject matter, but was still able to cover it all.
Sherry MacEachern
Leadership and Education Coordinator, FuseSocial
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