Diversity, equity, and inclusion are more than just buzzwords.

They’re essential components of a healthy, successful workplace. Implementing DEI principles in your organization contributes to staff retention and psychological safety – it can even help you expand your client base and increase productivity.

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Why DEI?

Embracing DEI in your organization means supporting all aspects of a person, such as race, religion, gender, etc., as well as deeper parts of an individual’s character like values, personality, and preferences.

It is essential to identify the existing diversity in your organization so you can recognize potential gaps and become aware of ways that you can build a more equitable and inclusive workplace.

We’ll explore:

  • What diversity, equity, and inclusion really mean
  • The differences between equity and equality
  • How to make decisions with DEI in mind
  • Strategies and remedies to improve DEI in your organization
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Meet the Trainers

Photo of David Jung in a green circle, trainer at ACHIEVE Centre for leadership

David Jung

David has provided leadership for various non-profit organizations for over 25 years. He has a degree in Philosophy, a diploma in Counselling, a Master of Arts in Christian Counselling, as well as certifications in Conflict Resolution and Mediation. In addition to training with ACHIEVE, he works as ACHIEVE’s Training and Development Specialist. In this role, David provides support to other trainers and ensures that training material reflects the current research in the field and is consistent with ACHIEVE’s core beliefs. He also works in the field of mediation where he volunteers as a Mediator for the court diversion program in Manitoba. In whatever role David finds himself, his passion for motivating people to continue their personal journey of learning and growth shines through. David believes that no matter what our role is in the workplace, we can all continue to grow in our skills to improve our own life and to help improve the lives of others. As a trainer, he is known for his dynamic workshop facilitation that combines humour and real-world application.

Photo of Wendy Loewen in green circle, Managing director and Trainer at ACHIEVE Centre for Leadership

Wendy Loewen

Wendy (she/her) is the Managing Director of ACHIEVE Centre for Leadership. In this role, she provides leadership in managing ACHIEVE staff and trainers, and developing workshop materials. Wendy is a thoughtful and empowering leader who believes in the importance of listening to the needs and aspirations of people, and then facilitating the next step in their development. She has worked with ACHIEVE since the beginning, first as a trainer and Curriculum Development Specialist, then as Director of Training. She is the former vice president of the Alternative Dispute Resolution Institute of Manitoba. Wendy is a former teacher and director of a health and social services program. She has a Master’s degree in Conflict Analysis and Management, and Bachelor’s degrees in both Psychology and Education.

Wendy believes that learning is a dynamic and lifelong endeavor, and with commitment and guidance, the process should be enjoyable and motivating. She is co-author of The Culture Question and Don’t Blame the Lettuce, and is the author of many of our workshops including Performance Management, Respectful Workplace, and Assertive Communication. Wendy is an engaging presenter who delivers material in a way that maximizes the learning potential for all participants. Read blogs written by Wendy here.

What People Are Saying

“I’ll be on the lookout for further training from ACHIEVE . . . I have heard excellent things about other courses.”
Katja Moehl, Bay St. George Residential Support Board

“Working with ACHIEVE to schedule and make the event happen was outstanding. Normal scheduling issues were ironed out almost immediately, and the event was a great success.”
Gary Maciejewski, IPMA

“The trainer was superb! He was captivating, kind, and considerate . . . I have already recommended it to my colleagues!”
Whitney Morrison, Living Skies Housing Authority

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Free Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Resources

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