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Hiring Strategies

Recruitment, Selection, and Onboarding

September 11, 2024
(10:00 AM - 01:00 PM CDT )
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Location: Online Virtual
Trainer Dan Doerksen
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Hiring Strategies - Live Virtual - September 11, 2024; 10am-1pm Central Time

Early rate expires 08/21/2024

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Finding and selecting the right people to join our teams – those who will perform well in the role and contribute meaningfully to our workplace culture – is a challenge for every organization. This workshop explores current research and best practices to help participants evaluate and improve their current recruitment, hiring, and onboarding processes. As the first phase of the employee experience, these three elements set the stage for future performance and engagement. Through individual exercises and group discussion, participants will generate practical insights that can be immediately applied to improve their hiring strategy and practices in their organization’s context.

Learning Objectives

Upon completion, participants should be able to:

  • Analyze what knowledge, skills, and attributes are needed to perform well in any given role
  • Communicate their organization’s employee value proposition to prospective candidates
  • Create an effective process for selecting the right people for their team
  • Navigate equity, diversity, and human rights issues in their hiring process
  • Implement a plan of action for the successful onboarding of new employees

Method of Delivery

Presentation, individual exercises, reflection, and group discussion, delivered electronically.

*Please allow only the registered individual(s) to view the materials.

Some of the Topics Included

  • How to Optimize the Application Experience
  • Attracting the Right Talent to Your Organization
  • Clarifying Job Requirements and Expectations
  • Common Legal Issues in Hiring
  • Equity, Diversity, and Human Rights Issues in Hiring
  • Methods to Help Predict Performance
  • Improving Your Interviewing Techniques
  • Using Tests and Assessments in Hiring
  • Creating an Onboarding Checklist
  • Including Cultural Elements in Your Onboarding Plan

Target Audience

This workshop will appeal to anyone in a human resources or managerial role, as well as anyone looking to maximize their strategy for attracting and retaining great people for their workplace.

Terms & Conditions

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Trainer: Dan Doerksen

Dan is a communicator, leader, strategist, and perpetual learner who focuses his curiosity and energy towards helping individuals and organizations thrive. He has a Master’s degree in Organizational Leadership and 15 years of leadership experience coaching and investing in people from a diverse range of backgrounds. Dan is passionate about helping organizations realize their vision and discover what it means to create workplaces where people like to work. His skillset and experience include working in the areas of organizational structure, effective communication, growth strategies, evaluation and assessment, leading change, and empowering the younger generation of workers. Dan believes that continuous growth and learning are essential components for both individual and organizational success. Clients appreciate him for his fun, warm, and engaging presence, along with the strategic and analytical mind that he brings to his work. Read blogs written by Dan here.

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