Zoom Live Virtual System Requirements

Prior to joining the Zoom meeting, please make sure you have installed the Zoom desktop application. Zoom functions best with the application installed, but the meeting can also be accessed through your computer using your web browser.

For an optimal Zoom experience, we suggest that you participate in these workshops using your computer, instead of a mobile device. If you have no other choice but to use your phone for the workshop, you can download the phone app. You can find the application in the app store (ZOOM Cloud Meetings).

We highly recommend that you have a webcam and microphone during the Zoom workshop, so you can fully participate in all the group discussions that will occur throughout the session. If you are unable to access a webcam and/or a microphone, Zoom has a chat function, which will allow you to communicate through text only.

For a full list of Zoom’s requirements, click here.

*Note – For our free live webinars, you need access to a web browser and YouTube.

The trainer was great at tailoring the training to what we needed, not just what we asked for several months ago when booking. He was able to address some recent changes in our organization that we were dealing with. He was flexible with the subject matter, but was still able to cover it all.
Sherry MacEachern
Leadership and Education Coordinator, FuseSocial
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