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60-80% of Job Satisfaction is linked to workplace culture

What You’ll Learn

We’ll explore the importance of having a healthy workplace culture and its role in your organization’s success. You will understand the impact of leadership on workplace culture and gain strategies for improving and maintaining it.

We’ll discuss:

  • How to recognize the benefits of a healthy workplace culture
  • The connection between culture and purpose
  • How to create peak performing teams
  • A framework to change and maintain culture
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Meet the Trainers

Photo of Chris Downey in green circle,, Vice President of ACHIEVE Consulting Services

Chris Downey

As the Vice President of our Consulting Services, Chris works directly with clients to develop solutions for creating healthy and productive workplace cultures. His role is to help organizations move towards better outcomes for everyone. With the support of over 120 trainers and consultants across Canada and the United States, Chris and the team have access to resources and expertise to help address even the most complex organizational challenges.

Chris is a leadership and organizational development professional with over 25 years of experience working in the private and public sectors. He has developed and executed strategies and succession plans for a variety of workplaces and approaches organizational planning with practicality in mind. He recognizes the importance of setting a strategic vision and subsequent plans that connect with all stakeholders in a meaningful way. Through his extensive experience in operations, compliance, and organizational development, he has gained a diverse skill set which has shaped how he approaches coaching leaders and working with teams.

Chris believes that leaders have a direct impact on the health and wellness of the people they serve. And he has a comprehensive understanding that a healthy work environment is the ideal condition for success that goes beyond the individual and ripples throughout the organization. As a facilitator, Chris is personable and approachable, coaching, motivating, and inspiring others to be the best version of themselves.

Photo of Wendy Loewen in green circle, Managing director and Trainer at ACHIEVE Centre for Leadership

Wendy Loewen

Wendy (she/her) is the Managing Director of ACHIEVE Centre for Leadership. In this role, she provides leadership in managing ACHIEVE staff and trainers, and developing workshop materials. Wendy is a thoughtful and empowering leader who believes in the importance of listening to the needs and aspirations of people, and then facilitating the next step in their development. She has worked with ACHIEVE since the beginning, first as a trainer and Curriculum Development Specialist, then as Director of Training. She is the former vice president of the Alternative Dispute Resolution Institute of Manitoba. Wendy is a former teacher and director of a health and social services program. She has a Master’s degree in Conflict Analysis and Management, and Bachelor’s degrees in both Psychology and Education.

Wendy believes that learning is a dynamic and lifelong endeavor, and with commitment and guidance, the process should be enjoyable and motivating. She is co-author of The Culture Question and Don’t Blame the Lettuce, and is the author of many of our workshops including Performance Management, Respectful Workplace, and Assertive Communication. Wendy is an engaging presenter who delivers material in a way that maximizes the learning potential for all participants. Read blogs written by Wendy here.

What People are Saying

“I enjoy working with ACHIEVE for our on-location training needs because they are so versatile and responsive, in addition to having excellent trainers and training content.”
John Stephens, Staff Training Coordinator, Manitoba Housing

“The information given was on point and the workshop itself was run smoothly and efficiently. Chris was knowledgeable and ensured ALL questions were answered. He stayed after the required time to answer more questions. This was the best course I’ve taken to date, and I feel Chris had a great deal to do with it.”
Manager, Prairie Meats LP

“[ACHIEVE’s training] . . . was a catalyst for change and a springboard for our leaders to take their capabilities to the next level.”
Valley Fiber Ltd.

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Free Leadership and Culture Resources

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