Leadership Retreats

Mindfulness in Leadership

This retreat focuses on incorporating mindfulness practices into your role as a leader. Mindfulness is ultimately about becoming more conscious, more intentional and more aware of one’s inner processes. Balance in emotion and thought leads to health and well-being, and provides a rich foundation for leadership success. The mindful leader leads from a grounded, self-aware and compassionate place, which reduces stress for others and inspires teams to action. This interactive retreat will assist leaders to develop mindfulness-based strategies that are meant to promote self-awareness, emotional balance, stress reduction and personal/professional growth. It will also examine how leaders can bring mindfulness practices into the work environment for the benefit of the workplace.

During this retreat, participants will…

  • Consider the value of mindfulness in their leadership role and how it can support their tasks and relationships in their unique workplace
  • Explore balance and regulation as the core of emotional, physical and mental well-being
  • Learn how to reduce stress and overwhelm through mindfulness
  • Discover how to integrate mindfulness into their daily lives and work as leaders
  • Engage in a variety of mindfulness practices including sitting meditation focused on breath, body, sound and thoughts, mindful listening and speaking, cultivating body awareness, and reflective journaling
  • Take time to experience stillness and reflection for greater clarity, calm and leadership effectiveness
  • Replenish and relax
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