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Welcome to our new website! We appreciate your feedback as we work through the inevitable glitches in launching a new site. If you are experiencing a glitch, please check the questions and answers in this guide. If you still have questions, please click the button below to contact us and someone will get back with you shortly. If the matter is urgent, please call us at: 877-270-9776.

My password doesn’t work.

We’re sorry, but all of our client passwords have to be reset on the new website. Simply go to the account login screen and click ‘Lost Your Password’ and you can reset it. Please note, your email address and the password you select will also give you access on our partner site, Crisis and Trauma Resource Institute.

Do I have access to my webinars or workshops?

Yes! If you login to our new site with the same email that you used on our old site, all of your active on-demand webinars and workshops will be in your library. Any content you had purchased that was currently showing as expired, will no longer appear.

Where are my previous orders?

Unfortunately, we were unable to migrate all of our order data over to our new site. New order data will be found in your account under the account details tab. If you need a record of a previous order, you could search your email for the order confirmation, and if that doesn’t work, you can contact us and a member of client services can help retrieve the old order information for you.

I had shared content with other people, do they still have access?

Yes! As long as they use the same email address they were previously using, any content that was active in their account will still be active on the new site. They will have to choose a new password in order to log in.

I had the member plan, will that still work?

Yes! Your member plan will stay active on the new site. You can access your member plan by going to the main Products menu and clicking Member Plan Subscriptions.

Where is the public training calendar?

You can view all of our public training events by viewing our Upcoming Training Events calendar.

Where do I access my member plan webinars?

Once you are logged in, simply go to your account by clicking the shape of the person by the shopping cart in the upper right of the site. All of your member webinars will appear in your library and can be viewed by clicking on the Member Content button.

Where are my certificates?

From your account, click on the Your Video Data tab. There you will see all the on-demand workshops and on-demand webinars you currently have access to. You can access certificates by clicking Download PDF from the certificate column. Unfortunately, we were not able to bring previously awarded certificates over to the new site. If you are trying to locate an certificate received on our old site, please search your email as all certificates are also delivered via email.

Where do I update my credit card?

You can easily update your credit card information from your account. Click on the Account Details Tab and select Payment Methods.

How do I share webinars and workshops with someone?

Once you have set someone up as a sub-user, you may then share content with them through your library. Visit your account page, then click the Sub-User Management tab and click the Send Invite button. Once the person has accepted their invite, you can visit your Library where you can share purchased on-demand webinars and workshops by clicking the share buttons. You can also choose to share content with any of your sub-users during checkout when purchasing new content. Note, member plan webinars are not available to share individually.

Can I track content that I’ve shared with someone?

In your account, click the Sub-User Management tab and then click Share Tracking. Here you can see which webinars and workshops you have shared with your sub-users and see their progress on the content. You can also download their certificates once they have completed the training.

I registered for a workshop on the other site, do I need to do anything?

No, all registrations for live virtual and in-person workshops that occurred on the old site will stay active. There is no need for you to take any action. You will receive information regarding your workshop 3-4 days prior to the event.

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