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Eric Stutzman

Chief Executive Officer

Eric (he/him) is the Chief Executive Officer of ACHIEVE Centre for Leadership. In this role, he provides support for our leadership team and is actively involved in managing our day-to-day operations. Eric is a caring and insightful leader who believes that building authentic relationships is the best way to lead people effectively. Prior to becoming CEO in 2020, he was ACHIEVE’s Managing Director for seven years, and has been a trainer since 2008. Eric has provided leadership in the field of conflict resolution and mediation since completing a degree in Sociology with a focus on mediation and peacemaking. He is a Chartered Mediator and a past president of the Alternative Dispute Resolution Institute of Manitoba. Prior to working with ACHIEVE, Eric was an administrator, board chair, senior mediator, trainer, and lead negotiator for a variety of other organizations.

Eric believes that the best leaders and employees turn their minds first to listening with curiosity, and never put operations before people. He is co-author of The Culture Question and Don’t Blame the Lettuce, and is the author of many of ACHIEVE’s workshops including Management and Supervision, Coaching Strategies for Leaders, and Dealing with Difficult People. Eric is a gifted trainer and speaker who makes material come alive for participants through humour, storytelling, and real-world application.

Eric’s thoughts on leadership and organizational culture can be found here. Watch a sample of Eric speaking here.

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