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Eric Stutzman

Eric believes group facilitation succeeds when the facilitator listens deeply and focuses on creating a safe process for the participants. As the CEO of ACHIEVE, Eric provides leadership for a large team of staff and trainers. In this capacity, he directs the development and delivery of ACHIEVE’s consulting and facilitation services. In addition to his role with ACHIEVE, he is a Chartered Mediator and Past President of the Alternative Dispute Resolution Institute of Manitoba. Eric has also worked as an administrator, board chair, senior mediator, trainer, and lead negotiator for other organizations across Canada.

Eric’s educational background includes a Bachelor’s degree in Sociology with a focus on Mediation and Peacemaking, extensive leadership development training, and a certificate in mediation skills. He is co-author of The Culture Question and Don’t Blame the Lettuce, and is the author of many of ACHIEVE’s workshops, including the “Leading Meetings” and “Group Facilitation” workshop materials. Eric’s facilitation specialties include large group meetings, collaborative decision making, and group mission and vision development. He has been active in the field of facilitation for nearly 20 years.

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