Workplace Cultural Health Assessment


Respond to each of the following statements, rating each on a scale of 0 to 4. A 4 indicates you strongly agree with the statement; a 0 indicates you strongly disagree with the statement.

0 - Strongly disagree1 - Disagree2 - Neutral3 - Agree4 - Strongly agree
My organization has a meaningful purpose.
The work I do challenges me in a positive way.
I receive helpful feedback from my direct manager.
My colleagues care about my well-being.
Each person’s unique skills and contributions are valued by others.
I am treated with respect.
People in my workplace understand what behaviours are acceptable at work.
The work I do is interesting to me.
I have a positive relationship with my direct manager.
I like the people I work with, and they like me.
I can rely on my colleagues.
My colleagues express their feelings appropriately when they are upset.
Leaders in my organization clearly communicate its purpose.
The work I do makes good use of my abilities.
My direct manager cares about me as a person.
I have healthy interactions with my colleagues.
Collaboration with others is encouraged and valued.
Leaders in my organization work to resolve conflict quickly.
My organization’s values are clear and relevant.
The work I do has purpose.
I trust my direct manager.
I have fun at work.
I feel like I’m part of a great team.
People in my workplace deal with conflict constructively.