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Nicole Deagle

Location: Ontario

Nicole is a proud bilingual (French and English) Registered Social Worker, who holds a Master of Social Work degree, as well as additional certifications in areas related to trauma and loss, suicide prevention and intervention, violence and threat risk assessment, and nonviolent crisis intervention. Her professional experience includes direct clinical practice in individual and group settings, and systemic work targeting organizational change, crisis intervention, mental health training, postsecondary education in the social services field, service coordination, and clinical supervision. As a leader of several formal and informal small and larger teams, Nicole values effective communication and delegation, genuine care, trust, and resilience. She is committed to lifelong learning and believes that there is always room to grow. While training, Nicole strives for a supportive and safe learning environment grounded in respect and compassion for everyone. She draws on her passion and experience to provide trainings that are engaging, positive, and memorable.

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