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Heather Woodward


Heather is a Registered Social Worker and has been working as a social worker for close to 20 years. She has a Bachelor’s degree in Social Work, and is currently working towards completing her Masters in Indigenous Knowledge of Social Work. Heather has spent much of her time working directly with children, youth and families. Specifically, her passion is working with youth of all genders (ages 14-24) that have been impacted by violence, sometimes with gang involvements, all forms of trauma (mental, emotional, physical and spiritual), addictions, mental health and with individuals living with a FASD. Heather believes that even in the thick of trauma and/or crisis people can use relationships and laughter to work through these critical moments. She values the lives and the stories of all the people whom she has the honor of meeting and walking with on their life path. Heather is an energetic and engaging facilitator who strives to find ways to build relationships and incorporate ‘laughter’ into the work she does families/communities.

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