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David Stark

Location: Alberta

David is an experienced and enthusiastic trainer and mediator with almost 25 years’ experience in the field of Alternative Dispute Resolution. He is a graduate from University of Alberta’s Faculty of Law and is a member of the Law Society of Alberta, as well as the British Columbia Mediation Society. David has been a volunteer for the Legal Education Society of Alberta, teaching the negotiation portion of the bar admission course since 1998, and is responsible for their Mediation Training Program. He also teaches numerous courses for the Insurance Institute of Southern Alberta and Mount Royal University. Additionally, David has been a guest lecturer for interest-based negotiation courses and Insurance Law at the University of Alberta and University of Calgary Law Schools. His firm belief is that, through training and practice, we can all become better communicators, manage differences and conflict, and take responsibility for what happens in our lives in order to have better outcomes for all. David brings genuine warmth, humour, and a passion for effective communication to the workshops that he teaches.

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