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Project Management Fundamentals

½ day

About this Workshop

Turning great ideas into finished projects requires more than good intentions. Utilizing the principles and strategies of project management ensures that a team’s goals are reached on time and within budget. While some may assume being a project manager requires a highly technological skill set or managerial title, it can in fact be learned and carried out by anyone with strong communication and organizational skills. This workshop focuses on the foundations of project management, including the role of a project manager, the life cycle of a project, and an overview of popular project management methodologies that suit a range of organizations and teams.

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Target Audience

This workshop is an introductory workshop for anyone wishing to learn the principles, practices, and strategies of project management, which they can apply to their own work.

Method of Delivery

Presentation, individual exercises, reflection, and group discussion

Learning Objectives

At the end of this workshop, participants should be able to:

  • Define project management and the role of the project manager
  • Identify the stages of the project life cycle
  • Determine the project management methodology best suited to their needs
  • Create a preliminary project management plan

Topics Included

  • What Is Project Management?
  • Differences Among Projects, Programs, and Portfolios
  • Key Roles of a Project Manager
  • Planning and Managing Tasks
  • Controlling a Project Budget
  • Organizational Skills for Effective Project Management
  • Working with the Project Life Cycle
  • Using Key Methods Like Agile, Scrum, Waterfall, and Lean
  • How Organizational Culture Affects Projects
  • Project Documentation

Private Training

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