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Leading Hybrid Teams

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Leading Hybrid Teams

About this Workshop

Hybrid teams have quickly become the norm, with some staff working remotely while others are in the office. Although the hybrid work model gives people the flexibility of working from home, it has its challenges for leaders. For example, it can make it difficult to make sure the lines of communication are still working and that everyone has equal opportunity for engagement.

For leaders to be effective in this new environment, they need to challenge their assumptions and experiment with new practices. This workshop provides an overview of hybrid work concepts and explores the pitfalls and opportunities of this model. You will learn principles and practices to help you lead your team in this new paradigm.

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Target Audience

This workshop is for all leaders, managers, supervisors, and anyone providing leadership within an organization that is practicing or considering a hybrid work model.

Method of Delivery

Presentation, video, case study examples, personal reflection, and small group discussions.

Learning Objectives

At the end of this workshop, participants should be able to:

  • Identify the pitfalls and opportunities of hybrid workplaces
  • Understand their changing role as a leader
  • Describe how to communicate effectively with hybrid individuals and teams
  • Test out new strategies and practices for engaging their hybrid team

Topics Included

  • The Leader’s Role in a Hybrid Environment
  • Pitfalls and Opportunities of Hybrid Work
  • How to Build a Successful Hybrid Team
  • Rethinking Communication Practices
  • Maintaining Relationships and Team Culture
  • Addressing Location-Based Biases and Preferences

Private Training

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