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De-escalating Potentially Violent Situations™

For those who work in environments where there is the potential for violence, it is crucial to know how to defuse dangerous situations. Check out our trainings and resources to learn how you can de-escalate and angry person through assertiveness and interpersonal communication.
Note, this topic is presented by our partner company, Crisis & Trauma Resource Institute (CTRI). Links on this page will direct you to our CTRI’s site for more information and purchasing..


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Why should I learn more about this topic?

- Knowing the warning signs of potential violence along with de-escalation strategies will give you confidence when trying to calm an angry person.
- You’ll better understand your own interaction style so you can tailor your de-escalation approach to different situations.
- Understanding the role of anger in violent incidents will empower you to create safer environments wherever you go.


Why is knowing how to de-escalate someone important?

Knowing how to calm an angry, anxious, or hostile person helps create safer workplaces and environments for everyone

What kind of de-escalation skills will be useful to me?

We can help you recognize the warning signs of potential violence and understand the anger cycle, which will empower you in a variety of situations. You can also learn and practice assertive communication skills for defusing aggressive people.

Will the skills I learn be applicable to any situation?

While every circumstance is unique, the skills and knowledge gained from this topic can be applied to a wide range of scenarios. The main thing you’ll learn is how to take a less confrontational approach so you can gain control of the situation.

Is DPVS the same as NVCI training?

No, DPVS is not the same as NVCI. NVCI teaches you physical techniques to safely disarm an individual who has already become violent. Our DPVS training teaches you how to de-escalate an angry person before they become violent using interpersonal communication techniques and regulation skills – we do not teach any physical holds or restraints.

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