Leadership Retreats

Leading Through Conflict

This retreat focuses on leading individuals and groups through difficult conversations, team tension, and conflict. This interactive session assists leaders and professionals to develop practices and strategies to promote clear conversations, conflict resolution and team wellness. Participants will explore coaching as a framework for leading through conflict and learn to utilize clear analysis tools for understanding complex interpersonal dynamics. This session utilizes case studies for real world application of strategies and skills.

During this retreat, participants will:

  • Learn to lead purposefully and effectively through staff conflict
  • Consider the impact of leadership style on staff conflict
  • Learn a coaching model for leading through conflict or tensions
  • Utilize tools for navigating difficult conversations
  • Learn to reduce or eliminate negative conflict triangles
  • Employ conflict analysis models to gain insight into team dynamics
  • Take time to think, reflect, and grow
  • Learn from the stories and experiences of other participants
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