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Sometimes you don’t have the need for a full-length workshop. The next time you require a shorter, interactive presentation, consider having one of our expert trainers come to your organization.

Our speakers provide engaging, inspirational, and humorous 30 to 90-minute presentations on topics related to leadership and organizational performance. These sessions make excellent lunch and learn events, or conference presentations. Contact us to discuss the possibilities.

Sample Lunch and Learn Topics

  • Core Competencies for Effective Leadership
  • Emotional Intelligence – Use It or Lose Influence
  • Peak Performing Teams – What They Have That You Need
  • Be Heard – Using Assertive Communication for Greater Influence
  • Personalities – Can’t We All Just Get Along?
  • Stay Productive – Why Work-Life Balance is Necessary
  • Transformational Conflict – From Disagreement to Understanding
  • Core Competencies of High-Functioning Employees
  • Saying “No” Without Making an Enemy

Listen to some of our talks:

Why Organizational Health Matters
Leaders Don’t Arrive
Why Leadership Matters
It’s a Phone Call When…

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